Hi, I’m [[Nathan with flowers - cropped.jpeg|Nathan]]. I’m a designer with a background in film studies & tech who’s interested in recurrent patterns throughout digital platforms, public life, immersive media, art, and storytelling. ## Elsewhere - Portfolio on [nathancheng.work](https://nathancheng.work) - Reading on [Raindrop](https://raindrop.io/nathancheng/saved-26498453/embed/theme=auto&search=%E2%9D%A4%EF%B8%8F&sort=-created) - Listening on [Spotify](https://open.spotify.com/user/1237353257?si=08574652c9d4437b) - Watching on [Letterboxd](https://letterboxd.com/nathancheng/) - Work things on [Read.cv](https://cv.nathancheng.work/) or [LinkedIn ↗](https://linkedin.com/in/nathancheng57/) - Me at [email protected] ## What is this? This website is a [[Digital gardens|digital garden]] where you can peruse my notes and explore their links. Think of this as a personal Wikipedia for documenting concepts and scrapbooking quotes.[^1] Feel free to follow any path that catches your attention. - **`02-Evergreen`**[^2] is for notes meant to evolve and accumulate over time, both in terms of content or links to other notes. - **`03-Records`** is for relatively static notes I don’t expect to change, such as passage highlights, quotes, and other static lists. - These notes were written for myself. I’m putting them online because why not? *As these are working notes, some are hastily written, incipient, and possibly confusing.* I’ve phrased many note titles as statements, but they’re more like ideas for reference than authoritative arguments. If you come across a link that doesn't go anywhere, it's likely because I've kept it private (for now). **Some “cluster” notes that might be good starting points:** - [[Notes on Seeing and Perception]] - [[Notes on AI]] - [[Notes on Internet Reality]] - [[Ideas for digital experiences]] - [[Notes on Design and HCI]] - [[Ideas about advancement in technology]] - [[Notes on writing]] - [[Notes on metaphors, motifs, and mental models]] > [!tip] Also… > On Desktop, you can visualize all linked notes to the current one using the interactive graph in the right sidebar. The global graph shows the connections between all of my notes. (See [[Digital gardens]] for more about this kind of thing) > > You also can navigate using stacked tabs if you widen your browser window. As you click on note links, they’ll open to the right in a scrollable stack of cards. [^1]: I use [Obsidian](https://obsidian.md) for writing and publishing my notes, as well as for my journal. I was largely inspired by [Andy Matuschak’s notes on this](https://notes.andymatuschak.org/Evergreen_notes) and other writing on [[Internet Ideals]]. [^2]: The numbering starts at `02` because I’ve hidden `01-Days`, my journal). That’s why you might see inactive links to my journal notes named after days, like `2024-06-15-Sat`.